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Red Cup Radio's Special National Signing Day Preview

Where Ghost makes a bunch of really bad jokes and we talk about 'croots.


So this isn't Red Cup Reacts, because we're not reacting to anything in particular (gotta keep true to the name, y'all), nor is it an actual episode of Red Cup Radio because it's not something we recorded for Rebel Sports Radio, but it is Ghost and me talking for 45 minutes or so about National Signing Day and Ole Miss' recruiting thus far. We focus on the top five players Ole Miss has committed from the state of Mississippi as well as some of the top remaining uncommitted prospects that the Rebels are going after. Namely, this means we focus on Jordan Sims, Terrence Alexander, Isaiah McKenzie and Michael Sawyers as our "where do they end up" guys.

So, if you can stomach Ghost's terrible attempts at humor, including his awful rendition of a portion of Afroman's "Mississippi," give it a listen. Click here if you're on a mobile device or use the widget below.