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YAY! GOOD NEWS! Oxford, MS Board of Aldermen Votes 6-1 To Allow Sunday Sales of Alcohol

It was time for some good news. Last night, Oxford enthusiasts got some.

Last Summer, I was in Oxford for the first time in a while with nothing to do on a Sunday. My wife and mother were with me, and we decided to go to brunch at Proud Larry's, since many restaurants are closed on Sundays (which will change soon). We walked in and sat down, hungry and wanting to spend time in the restaurant socializing. I quickly asked whether they made Bloody Marys. The waiter said, "it's Sunday." I said, "right." He looked at me for a moment before it clicked in my head.

"Oh yeah. Alcohol." I was dejected. We all were. We weren't interested in getting drunk, texting, and driving. We just wanted a Bloody Mary, a Mimosa, or something.

But Oxford was the foil to our plans, the Aldermen filling the mud with sticks of various length. They continually kept tax dollars away and hindered a thriving restaurant scene.

Well, last night, the Oxford Board of Aldermen voted 6-1 to approve the Sunday sales of alcohol. This will go into effect in 30 days. It's a big deal. It means a lot of tax dollars for the city and a better overall experience in town. Sports bars will flourish. Students will be hungover on Mondays. Restaurants will serve nice brunches. It will be fantastic.

I for one can't wait to drink a seersucker at Snackbar the next time I'm in Oxford on a Sunday.