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Ole Miss Rebels Host No. 18 Kentcky Wildcats: How To Watch, Brief Preview, and Open Thread

Oh yeah, Ole Miss sports. We have those to cover as well...

Andy Lyons

The Ole Miss Rebels host the No. 18 Kentucky Wildcats tonight in a sold out Tad Pad for a game which is probably insignificant in the Rebs' NCAA tournament picture. After falling to Alabama and Georgia, slipping to 7-5 on the year in SEC play, the Rebels have far too many bad losses and too few good wins to be a legitimate at large chance this March. Still, a win over Kentucky tonight would be the best win on the Rebs' season thus far, and would probably excite fans enough to sell out the Tad Pad yet again when the Rebs host Oregon State or something in the first round of the NIT.

Some fast facts:

  • Marshall Henderson has defeated every SEC team save for one: the Kentucky Wildcats.
  • The athletics department are handing out these tonight, both to troll the shit out of Kentucky and, I dunno, get some good juju going.
  • Guard Martavious Newby might be back after suffering an injury to his right hand/wrist earlier this season:

So watch it with us, will you?

WHO: The Ole Miss Rebels and the Kentucky Wildcats

WHAT: SEC Basketball

WHEN: Tonight, 6:00 PM Central

WHERE: The Tool Pool

WHY: No reason, really, considering the Rebels' recent trend of losing to RPI killing teams and Kentucky's damn near guaranteed spot in the tournament. I guess playing spoiler could be fun.

HOW: You can watch the game on ESPN, or you can listen on the Ole Miss Radio network. It will also be broadcast on Sirius/XM 85.

TO WHAT EXTENT: I'm not sure what you mean by this.