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Ole Miss Linebackers Denzel Nkemdiche and Serderius Bryant Arrested, as told by Mississippi State Message Boards

The all-SEC stars were booked for misdemeanor offenses related to typical Oxonian rowdiness, and are suspended pending an investigation and presumably subsequent punishment.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

[ED: To cover this news, I relied exclusively on the most timely and thorough source material on all things Ole Miss - Mississippi State Bulldogs message boards. All syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling is directly from the source material unless bracketed. This is hardly intended to be an accurate representation of what actually happened. If you want that, go to an actual news source such as this one here. Feel free to cross reference what you see below with my source material, here and here.]

My buddy got arrested in Oxford sat night. Was in drunk tank with [Denzel Nkemdiche]. Word is Denzel wasn't the only player in jail too. Denzel and Bird. Bird for fighting and Denzel for trying to argue with the cops.

Denzel Keeemdeechee got arrested for being a drunk and acting a fool. Real team leader stuff. Sounds like his friends shoulda done a better job watching after him on his 21rst birthday.

Locked up, won't let me out

This was Denzel, not Robert. Robert's the one who spends the off-season robbing bars and beating up girls, but he's still on the lam (probably because OPD refuses to arrest Ole Miss football players).

The Keemdeechee brothers are terrible people by all accounts.

Not surprising at all. It's just part of the culture in Oxford to get too wild and not pay proper consequences. That Christian coach of theirs probably pays the police like he does the recruits to come there. If there is evidence of a systematic cover up of crimes committed by Ole Miss Fb players, it could be a big story. Unfortunately, I don't see any of the sports reporters having the balls to blow this up like it should. I know this, but it seems like this would be a slam dunk story for any journalist with a pair. There has to be someone out there willing to ignore the payoff and make a name for themself.

What they don't realize is that it's hurting the direction of their football program badly. It took a few years, but people are starting to figure out their tactics and it's going to hurt them in recruiting for years to come. We are here to make sure it gets exposed and continues to hurt them. They deserve it.

Also heard from some LSU buddies that younger brother was involved with rape situation but was somehow left out of the news release we saw a couple weeks ago. They pinned the crime on a scape goat 8th string player, who wouldn't ever likely contribute on the field. It amazes me how they continue to get away with "murder". That's about the only crime that football program hasn't committed in the last decade.

Wonder why we haven't heard anything else on that? Have all accusing parties been paid off, and Freshman AA saved by the $ again? Many good lawyers with Ole Miss ties. That's why its very strange that C Ward got convicted of the DUI.. Lawyer up on that get it thrown out and prob get a one game suspension. May have been a much bigger deal than just DUI, or OM may be cutting ties with CW..

Cop told [a certain message board's "buddy"] Sunday morning when he got out that players get arrested on a weekly basis and it always keeps getting swept under the rug. That program is going to self destruct. Going to be awesome to watch.