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Baseball Weekend Open Thread: Ole Miss Rebels vs. Stetson Hatters

Rebel baseball is back! Mike Bianco and the Ole Miss Rebels travel to DeLand, Florida to take on the Stetson Hatters for this opening weekend, which might seem like poor planning on our part, but with snow and ice on the ground in much of north Mississippi, AD Ross Bjork looks pretty damn clairvoyant for scheduling this one when he did. Regardless, we'll have to wait a week for baseball at Swayze, but it will be that much more worth it.

In Powe-Boy's preview for the weekend, he notes a myriad of changes and experiments we should expect to see with this weekend's lineup and rotation. Most notable are Aaron Greenwood's new closer role, Preston Overbey surprising as the starter at second, and true freshman Errol Robinson getting the nod at shortstop over Austin Anderson (who will start at third).

The likely pitching matchups are as follows:

Game One: Friday 5:30 CT
Stetson - Kurt Schluter, Gr.*, RHP
Ole Miss - Chris Ellis, Jr., RHP (W)

Game Two, Saturday, 1:00 CT
SU - Austin Perez, Sr., LHP
Ole Miss - Christian Trent, So., LHP

Game Three, Sunday, 11:00 AM CT
SU - Josh Powers, Jr., RHP
Ole Miss - Sam Smith, Jr., RHP


Friday: Ole Miss 7, Stetson 0 (W - Chris Ellis)

Saturday: Ole Miss 11, Stetson 1 (W - Christian Trent)

Sunday: Ole Miss 8, Stetson 2 (W - Sam Smith)

Now, to get you in the mood...

*Whatever the hell this is... Grayshirt?