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Ole Miss Defensive End Channing Ward Pleads Guilty to DUI

The Rebel reserve defensive lineman was arrested last month.

Channing Ward chasing Texas' David Ash back in 2012.
Channing Ward chasing Texas' David Ash back in 2012.
Scott Halleran

The Rebs are entitled to some Fulmer Cup points, because defensive end Channing Ward plead guilty to, among other things, a DUI yesterday in Monroe County, Miss., per the Clarion Ledger. Specifically, he was convicted of a DUI "of another substance," meaning that he was under the influence of something other than alcohol (so, probably marijuana) as well as failing to show proof of insurance. He was also arrested for having a broken tag light*, but after having provided proof to the court that he had fixed the light, that charge was dropped.

Monroe County is where Aberdeen, Channing Ward's hometown, is located.

Per the EotC:

Ward was sentenced to attend the Mississippi Alcohol Substance Abuse Program and Victims Impact classes (the latter in lieu of two days' jail time, based on judicial discretion). He is also facing fines of $1,234.50 (DUI) and $216.50 (proof of insurance).

Hugh Freeze is reportedly addressing the matter "internally," meaning that Channing's probably going to have to run until he vomits and have a graduate assistant follow him around campus and town for a while. Serves him right, because driving under the influence is pretty dumb.

A reserve weakside defensive end, Ward notched 24 tackles (two for a loss) and a sack for the Rebels this past season.

*This is law enforcement code for "we found an excuse to pull you over."