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Red Cup Rebellion makes a coaching change

No, it's not Hugh Freeze. Ross Bjork outbid us.

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

As many of you already know, our fearless leader, The Ghost of Jay Cutler, has gone and gotten himself tangled up in the real world and is stepping down as the managing editor of this blog. Ghost helped start this site from scratch, put in countless hours and built it into one of the best destinations for Rebel sports on the intertubes. Most importantly, he ran an Ole Miss sports blog during the Houston Nutt years. How he's not rocking back and forth in some mental facility quietly repeating "giggity" over and over, I'll never know.

Ghost won't be disappearing, by the way. He'll still be the voice of @RedCupRebellion and will be posting sporadic articles whenever he has the time and inclination to do so. But he won't be as involved in the day-to-day goings-on of the site.

Which leaves you stuck with me. For the regulars among you, you know me better as Catfish Powe-boy. Why am I making the regrettable decision to use my real name on the internet, you ask? For starters, most of the site managers around the SBN network have moved away from aliases. Also, my real name (in the form of my Twitter handle) has been next to my screen name for a like a year now, soooo...

Without getting too personal with you folks, I'm an Ole Miss grad currently living in God's Country, Miss. and writing for the news desk of our mothership, SB Nation. I like bourbon, getting into Twitter arguments and popping bubble wrap. My dislikes include the Arkansas Razorbacks and Flo, that dumb lady from the insurance commercials.

But on to the important question:

What does this change mean for RCR?

Hopefully it means very little. While there will be some minor changes (most of which will be behind the scenes), my plan is keep this blog as close as I can to what it's always been. We'll still be making bad jokes, cussing, having heated discussions about bourbon preference and probably misspelling things from time to time.

One change I do hope to make is to increase the frequency and regularity of our content. To do that, we'll likely be bringing on a few new writers over the coming weeks (don't worry, Juco, Whiskey Wednesday, smeargle and the rest of the gang will still be around). I promise to make sure the new guys aren't douche-bags.

(If you are not a douche-bag and are interested in becoming a contributor around here, email us at

I need your help!

Seeing as how I'm new to this whole thing, I'd love as much input from you, the readers, as you're willing to give.

  • Is there anything you want to make sure doesn't change?
  • Is there anything about the site that you think could be improved?
  • Are there areas that we could focus more attention on? (Basketball, recruiting, women's rifle, Andy Kennedy playing corn hole at the Levee?)
  • Would you like to get more involved yourself?

Let me hear it, either in the comments or at