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Meet Chad Kelly, Ole Miss' rapping, swagtastic, JUCO QB transfer

The guy has his own theme song and calls himself "the white Michael Vick" ... and he may just make Ole Miss a national title contender next season.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

You may have heard that on Wednesday afternoon, Ole Miss got a commitment from No. 1 JUCO quarterback prospect and former Clemson player Chad Kelly. That's a pretty big deal, considering Bo Wallace is on his way out the door after the Peach Bowl and considering Kelly is a former four-star recruit and Under Armour All-American.

There's a decent chance that Kelly, who brings with him a checkered past, tantalizing athleticism, his own theme song and enough #swag to fill Vaught-Hemingway, will end up being the Rebels' starter in 2015.

So here are nine things you need to know about Chad Kelly:

1. Chad Kelly was baller in JUCO (but not as baller as Dr. Bo).

Kelly's commitment to Ole Miss came just three days after he threw five touchdowns to lead East Mississippi to the junior college national championship, capping a season in which he completed 67 percent of his passes for 3,905 yards and 47 touchdowns. As impressive as those numbers are, that's 700 yards and six touchdowns fewer than Bo Wallace, who also played at East Mississippi and also led them to a title.

No, JUCO stats don't really mean much, especially when trying to compare one set of absurd numbers to another. But while I'm at it, I might as well point out that Kelly threw six fewer picks than Bo.

2. Chad Kelly got kicked out of Clemson.

So why exactly is this guy playing at a JUCO to begin with, you ask? Kelly entered this past spring as a favorite to replace Tajh Boyd as the starter at Clemson, but ole Chad apparently had some maturity issues, and after a string of emotional outbursts (including yelling at a former Miss South Carolina after a fender bender in the stadium parking lot), he was booted off the team in April. The final straw was his infamous sideline blowup during Clemson's spring game in which he got into a shouting match with coaches for not going for it on fourth down. In a practice game.

3. Chad Kelly raps ... about Chad Kelly.

Chad has boatloads of swag. And when you have boatloads of swag, you make a theme song that you rap yourself just so everybody knows exactly how swagged out you are.

Here's his 2012 hit song entitled, you guessed it, Chad Kelly.

In case you weren't keeping count, Chad Kelly says his own name 32 times in that song. We haven't seen that level of lyrical self promotion since Mike Jones was giving out his phone number and insisting you shout his surname.

4. Chad Kelly has two years of eligibility left.

This ain't no Jeremiah Masoli, one-and-done deal. Kelly redshirted as a freshman at Clemson in 2012, tore his ACL in the 2013 spring game (he miraculously returned later that same season, playing sparingly as a backup), then had the one year at East Mississippi. That means he rolls into 2015 classified as a redshirt junior with a couple of seasons to play in Oxford.

5. Chad Kelly is the white Michael Vick.

His words, not mine. No, like, he really said that:

"A lot of people say I'm like a Mike Vick, only white ... People like watching me make something out of nothing."

The dude does have some wheels, though. He's listed by recruiting services as a dual-threat quarterback and averaged 37 rushing yards per game at East Mississippi, running for four scores as well.

Remember, Freeze's offense is ideally suited for an athletic quarterback that can run the read-option. Watch this clip (his lone touchdown as a Clemson Tiger) and tell me you're not excited:

6. Chad Kelly has good bloodlines.

As in, his uncle is former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. Ya know, the Hall of Famer.

7. Chad Kelly isn't a shoo-in as the 2015 starter.

Lest we forget, Hugh Freeze has a pair of former four-star quarterback prospects -- Ryan Buchanan and DeVante Kincade -- stashed away for 2015. The mere fact that Freeze felt he needed to go out and grab Kelly doesn't exactly speak highly of his confidence in the other two, but that doesn't mean Kelly's automatically going to win the job.

If nothing else, Kelly's presence in spring camp should provide some healthy competition. Remember that time Jake Coker showed up as the hot-shot transfer in Tuscaloosa and Blake Sims beat him out and led Alabama to the Playoff?

The only problem with that is...

8. Chad Kelly hasn't done well with quarterback competitions.

Kelly was causing problems with teammates before he even showed up at Clemson. Still in high school back in 2012, he sent this Twitter jab at Cole Stoudt, the guy he would eventually compete with as the starter:

That was two years ago, but it was just seven months ago that Kelly threw a tantrum and had to be escorted out of Dabo Swinney's office when he was told Stoudt would enter fall practice as the starter.

So what happens if Kelly loses out to Buchanan or Kincade? Will he revert to his childish ways and start causing problems?

With that said...

9. Chad Kelly could make Ole Miss a bona fide national title contender next season.

Quarterback is one of the few question marks for the Rebels heading into 2015. If -- and it's a pretty damn big if -- Kelly can win the job and be at least an above-average SEC passer, Ole Miss should have the tools to make another run at the Playoff. Kelly will have a veteran offensive line, one of the country's best wideouts and a freakishly athletic tight end at his disposal, which should help smooth his transition.

Or he could be the next Brent Schaeffer. Who the hell knows.

*Bonus: A mere eight months separate Chad Kelly and Marshall Henderson from being in Oxford together.