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Ole Misc.: We're Way Behind on Things, but Here are some Links Anyway!

Doug Pensinger

We've all been out of pocket this week with real world stuff. We're fortunate that the forces of the non-blogosphere universe that have yanked us around have decided to take hold during the Presbyterian week, but we also feel bad-ish that we haven't been here with you fine people.

Thankfully, Ross Bjork's been holding down the internet domination game well enough to make up for everybody's slack:

Ross Bjork: the SEC's most bad ass athletics director since, like, ever.

Let's hit the links

  • Kids are pretty terrible a lot of the time, what with all the crying and whining and not understanding grown up thinks like gambling, but when they write adorable letters to Laquon Treadwell they're pretty great.
  • Rod Taylor's going to start against Presbyterian on Saturday. Laremy Tunsil and Aaron Morris are taking the week off because if anybody on the line needs to be up and running for the final two games of the year it's those two.
  • Of the five biggest "what ifs" of the college football season, Laquon Treadwell's injury and subsequent fumble are the biggest.
  • Bill C's numerical reveals that, believe it or not, game-ending injuries that result in likely wins being fumbled aware are pretty damn rare.

Studio 18 has important-ish information

So watch it: