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Tuesday Question: One of Emergence

Of all the young, unappreciated, or underutilized players on the roster, which Rebel would you most like to have a breakout game against the Blue Hose of Presbyterian?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

I'll say it: I love cupcake games, especially late in the season. After weeks of butt-clenchingly close games with emotionally draining outcomes, it's nice to have a game where you can sit back and have a clinical look at your team, free of worry...

I also love cupcake games because I love clearing the bench and seeing what some unheralded players can do when given their shot.

Though Ole Miss returns a ton of talent for 2015, a lot of holes will need to be filled: quarterback, linebacker, corner, and safety come to mind for sure. With that in mind, do you want to see Ryan Buchanan or Devante Kincade show out, or would you rather see Demarquis Gates or one of the Moore twins cracking helmets on defense? Maybe a receiver steps up, or maybe we see a promising Christian Morris at tackle?