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So Ole Miss Beat No. 23 Creighton Tonight. No, For Real.

I mean, basketball's weird and all, but what?

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss shot just over 50% from the floor and 90% from the charity stripe en route to a 75-68 upset of the No. 23 Creighton Bluejays tonight in Niceville, Florida as a part of the Emerald Coast Classic. It marked Ole Miss Basketball's first win over a ranked opponent since the No. 12 seeded Rebs knocked off the No. 5 seed Wisconsin Badgers in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, and stunned the hell out of yours truly because, I mean, c'mon, this team lost to Charleston Southern at home to open the season.

Shocking no one, Jarvis Summers led the way for the Rebs, scoring 23 points while pulling in a pair of rebounds and dishing out two assists. Following closely behind him was Snoop White, who scored 18 of his own, who was himself followed by M.J. Rhett and Martavious Newby, who each had nine.

The Rebels play the undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats tomorrow night at 8:00 PM central for a chance to take home the Emerald Coast Classic tournament title. The game will be broadcast on CBS' college sports network as well as the Ole Miss Sports mothership. And - this is clutch - there will be free pizza for students per this infographic. So it's totally worth the road trip to Niceville (where is that?) if you ask me.

From Juco, who watched the game like a good Rebel:

I don't really get how this team did this. The same team that lost to Charleston Southern, looking nothing like an organized basketball team, went and beat Creighton, pouring in high percentage shots. The shot selection was very good for the most part. The Rebels still look lost on defense at times, but this was a start. The win gave Ole Miss fans a taste of what it's like when Snoop White is actually playing well. If he and Summers are on, the team can compete with a lot of very good programs (excluding, of course, Kentucky).

I have to say though. I'm still waiting for all the newcomers to make an impact. The three biggest players for Ole Miss last night were Summers, White, and Martavious Newby (who led the team in rebounds with seven). The bigs aren't grabbing boards, with Dwight Coleby, Sebastian Saiz, Aaron Jones, and MJ Rhett combining for the same number of rebounds Newby had. Aaron Jones actually played for twelve minutes, but you wouldn't know it with his two points and no other stats.

I'ts becoming apparent that right now Kennedy needs to be playing pretty exclusively from this list of eight.

Jarvis Summers
Snoop White
Martavious Newby
Dwight Coleby
Sebastian Saiz
Stefan Moody
MJ Rhett
Aaron Jones

That's pretty much what he's doing, but Sebastian Saiz only played 16 minutes last night, and that's kind of silly.

According to, Creighton's RPI was 19 entering last night's game, so this should give the Rebels a significant boost.