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Ole Miss Embarrassed by Arkansas 30-0

If you think you can positively spin this then, please, by all means.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

What else is there to say?

The Ole Miss Rebels were dominated in almost every aspect of yesterday's game, and didn't do themselves any favors with sound play on their own part. The offense, unable to create much room running, was behind the sticks on seemingly every down. The defense easily fell victim to misdirection and gave up way too much space in the secondary. Special teams play was fundamentally unsound - dare I say stupid - during the limited opportunities they were given. Add in a bunch of injuries, turnovers, disgusting weather, awful officiating, and a coaching staff that just looked sour for the course of the entire embarrassing affair and you've got a recipe for an ass-showing of an unfortunately unforgettable magnitude.

I could offer some platitudes here, tell folks what they already know, and try to parse out some nuanced observations, but when you lose by 30 there's really no way to do that. We lost in far from respectable fashion. It sucks.

So instead of trying to put together something requiring deeper thought, I just want to give you all a chance to vent, let off steam, reflect, postulate on what went wrong (aside from "everything," of course), and otherwise spoil what should be an enjoyable Sunday. Try to have fun, if you can.