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#RCRMailbag Hates Bad Country Music, Cheers for Auburn, and Mocks Social Media

Y'all tweet questions at us using the #RCRMailbag hashtag. We answer them.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Whiskey Wednesday: Some situation where nothing could possibly upset me. Like, Florida Georgia line blares over the speakers of the Georgia Dome as I listen from the box seats of the Georgia Dome while Ole Miss warms up for their first SEC Championship Game. Also, there is an open bar.

The Ghost of Jay Cutler: Someone holds a gun to my head and is for real like "I'll murder you right here and right now if you don't listen to Florida Georgia Line." I'd be all like "okay fine, but I'm not going to like it."


WW: Now? Yes. If you'd told us in August of this year? No.

Ghost: "They remember in November." Finishing a season on a low note sucks. Your scenario probably involves that. Still, it's telling of where this program's heading that we're even having this discussion, so that's nice.

WW: It is hard to root for Auburn. I always feel dirty, so I can't really say if that makes it worse.

Ghost: I'll feel dirty as hell, but I'll root for them, and if they win and that sends us to the SEC Championship Game I'll be War Eaglin' up and down the street for hours. Probably taunt the neighborhood Alabama fan. Probably get stabbed.

Smeargle: The enemy of my enemy is my friend in this case, but they will promptly be my enemy again when they pull the upset.

Ghost: First, to answer your question, no, and it's TOTALLY BOTHERSOME. Second, has anyone noticed that, for a lot of college football fans, we've become a team they love to hate. Like "who are these upstart assholes in my top-10?!" I guess with both us and CLANGA in the top-10 for much of the season, there's been this sense of one team being a plucky underdog (that'd be the perpetual underdogs in Starkville) and the other team being an undeserving wannabe clownfraud (that'd be us). That, right after the e-outrage sparked by the 2013 class, gives me a sense that some football fans have this idea that Ole Miss doesn't deserve this type of football success.

Which, hey, is better than being an afterthought, amirite?

WW: Social media is the worst. Nothing fills me with despair more than Tweeting something that ends up being moderately popular. I just want to make dumb jokes amongst my tiny clique of internet friends. That doesn't exactly answer your question...