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Ole Miss Beats Troy 74-64

Looks like they're back to their winning ways!

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

See, that's what you're supposed to do against teams from conferences some of us might not have heard of. Last night, on the heels of an embarrassing loss to the College of Charleston Southern University Chantibuccaneers, the Ole Miss Rebel basketball team entered the proverbial hornets nest that is Trojan Arena to steal a ten point victory from the Troy Trojans.

The Rebels were led by all-SEC guard Jarvis Summers who tallied 21 points. He was followed by Stefan Moody and LaDarius "Snoop-a-loop" White, who each scored 14. Sebastian Saiz led the Rebs in rebounds with nine, trailed by White who had eight and M.J. Rhett who had six. Overall, the Rebs won by shooting 50-ish percent from the floor and outrebounding the Trojans, which is what we'd all have hoped to have seen.

The Rebels play again this Thursday evening in Oxford against Southern University as a part of the Emerald Coast "Classic," a tournament whose highlight - for us, at least - will be the eventual Ole Miss vs. Creighton matchup.