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It's On Us to Stop Sexual Assault

By now you've probably noticed that the friendly little red cup that adorns the logo of your favorite website is taking a bit of a vacation, and allowing the It's On Us logo to hold its spot. It's On Us is a nationwide effort to stop sexual assault in whatever form it takes place, and it's something that we at the Cup are committed to.

But it's not just us. This is a network-wide effort at SB Nation, and one that the network's NCAA sports network is taking very seriously because of how common sexual assault is on university campuses. From the mothership:

The campaign revolves around the belief that sexual assault isn't just an issue involving a perpetrator and a victim, but one in which the rest of us also bear responsibility. We are committed to creating an environment - both in the physical world and on our site - where sexual assault is unacceptable and victims are supported.

It's also important to note that this isn't just a women's issue. One in 16 men are sexually assaulted in college in the United States. This is a very real problem.

Today begins the campaign's official week of action. SB Nation will be offering original features throughout the week, starting with the PSA [above].

Sexual assault is, unfortunately, one of those things that most sensible observers of human beings know exists, but still have a really tough time talking about. But, while nobody at SB Nation is arrogant enough to think that this is some great tipping point, we are hoping this week can at least get more people talking and thinking about something that is a very real problem. If you too would like to do that - and please do not feel like you have to - then take the pledge and spread the word or, better yet, make an active commitment to making the Ole Miss community a safe place from sexual assault and abuse for everyone.