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Ole Miss Rebel Basketball vs. Troy Trojans Open Thread

You're not really watching this, are you?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

After losing on an overtime buzzer beater to Charleston Southern last Friday night, the Ole Miss Rebel Men's Basketball team is traveling to Troy, Alabama to take on the hometown Trojans - because that makes complete sense.

It's Monday night. It's really cold, and you're probably stressed out from a long day on the job. You're going to be inside, tired, and maybe a bit bored, and you're still probably not going to watch this game. Actually, you're definitely not going to watch this game, because it's not even on television. Not even the SEC Network is going to carry this one. That's just what Ole Miss basketball is in November, especially after an emotionally debilitating loss at home to a team that I'm sure some of us weren't convinced was real until a few days ago.

Oh well. Here goes.


7:00 PM Central
Trojan Arena - Troy, Alabama