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Yes, the Rebs Still Have a Shot at the SEC West

No, really, they do!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Everything the Ole Miss Rebels needed to happen yesterday did. As a two-loss SEC team, the Rebs need other SEC West programs to also have two or more losses at the end of the regular season, and to have those with two losses to have lost to Ole Miss, in order to earn the program's first ever berth in the SEC Championship game.

To this end, two huge steps were taken in that direction yesterday. They were:

  • Mississippi State losing to Alabama, giving the Bulldogs their first loss of the year.
  • Auburn losing to Georgia, giving Auburn their third loss of the year and eliminating them from SEC West contention.

A two-loss Auburn, at the end of the year, would have a tiebreaker over Ole Miss having won the head-to-head two weeks ago. What Ole Miss needs now are one-loss Alabama and Mississippi State to lose again. That could happen if Alabama loses to Auburn in the Iron Bowl and Mississippi State loses to Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl. In that scenario, Ole Miss would finish in a three-way tie atop the SEC West, but hold head-to-head tiebreakers over the other two loss teams.

Oh, and Ole Miss has to beat Arkansas in Fayetteville this upcoming weekend as well, a task which itself is a pretty damn tall one.

So, if you're following along, what you need to hope happens now is that Ole Miss wins out and Auburn somehow beats Alabama in the Iron Bowl. If Ole Miss loses anywhere, they're out, and if Alabama wins out they're in without the need for a silly tiebreaker.

So, Hotty Toddy and... ugh... War Eagle, I guess.