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Ole Miss to Open 2016 Against Florida State in Orlando

We're gonna be talkin' bout the 'Noles for months!

Ronald Martinez

The Ole Miss Rebels and the Florida State Seminoles have agreed to open 2016 against each other at the neutral-ish Orlando Citrus Bowl, setting up a game that I can only imagine both fan bases are now greatly looking forward to. Ole Miss, as an SEC member bound to the league's new scheduling requirements, must schedule at least one power five non-Southeastern Conference opponent per season beginning with the 2016 season. Obviously, Florida State meets that requirement, even though the ACC is a power five as a technicality.

Fans of both schools, at least on this little corner of the internet, have been calling for this matchup over the past two years. Ole Miss and Florida State have battled for a handful of recruits since Hugh Freeze was hired in Oxford, something which has caused some hurt feelings amongst recruitniks on in both camps. Additionally, with Ole Miss spending much of the season in the top-10, fans of traditional powers, such as Florida State, have both paid more attention to and been more critical of the Rebs.

So in just a short year-and-a-half away, we'll be #talkinbouttheNoles here on Red Cup Rebellion. Get excited.