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We Have no Idea How to Rank the SEC at this Point

But we're going to try anyway!

Kevin C. Cox

This is an exercise in "wha happen" at this point in this more-than-wacky Southeastern Conference football season, but we're going to give it a shot anyway.

  1. Mississippi St. Bulldogs - But only because they haven't lost to Alabama yet.
  2. Alabama Crimson Tide - When they win the College Football Playoff, I imagine that a lot of "Ole Miss 24 - National Champions 17" bumper stickers are gonna get printed up.
  3. Ole Miss Rebels - Because why the hell not?
  4. Auburn Tigers - Losing to A&M at home is a worse loss than losing to LSU in Baton Rouge, so much so that Auburn doesn't get the benefit of winning the head to head. Also, it's my damn site and I'll rank them where I want.
  5. LSU Tigers - Why'd they have to finally start clicking when they did?
  6. Georgia Bulldogs - They could be as high as No. 3, but I'm still going to knock them for losing to Florida.
  7. Florida Gators - I am not, however, going to give the Gators more credit than this.
  8. Texas A&M Aggies - I'm tempted to rank them higher, but when your second most impressive win is Arkansas it's tough to make that case.
  9. Arkansas Razorbacks - Did you know that they're favored to beat LSU this weekend? No, for real, they are.
  11. Kentucky Wildcats - Something something platitudes something something Stoops something something I'm glad we don't play them.
  12. South Carolina Gamecocks - Who at the beginning of the season thought South Carolina would be struggling to be bowl eligible at this point?
  13. Tennessee Volunteers - With Kentucky, Mizzou, and Vandy left, Tennessee could reasonably finish anywhere between 7-5 and 5-7.
  14. Vanderbilt Commodores - Consistency is key here.