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Red Cup Radio: Alabama, Crootin, and A&M

Listen to us gush about the Alabama win, talk far too long about a high school junior football player, and discuss the upcoming matchup against A&M. It was cray cray, and you know you're excited to listen.

Click here if you're listening on a mobile device and thus are unable to play flash. Or buy a Microsoft Surface, since it will in fact play flash... you know... unlike the much lesser tablet product by Apple.

We recorded this yesterday, so though I don't believe there to have been anything that has drastically changed since then, forgive us if there has. We were busy. Deal with it.

If you're wondering whether I'm telling the truth about staying the bathroom for the entire fourth quarter, yes.... yes I am. YOU'RE WELCOME, OLE MISS FANS. I can only justify it by saying that it worked and that there were drinks involved. Everything was worth it when the game was over.