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Ole Misc.: Everybody's Talking about the Magnolia State

This is strange new territory for Ole Miss fans.

Joe Murphy

After a weekend that is undoubtedly the biggest weekend in the history of college football in Mississippi, both Ole Miss and Mississippi State are the talk of the sports world. Hugh Freeze and CeCe Jefferson are on the front page of ESPN's college football hub today, every other article on our SB Nation mothership seems to involve the Magnolia State, and the Egg Bowl's teams are even sharing a Sports Illustrated cover this week. Everybody (outside of Crimson Tide fans) seem to be curiously excited that the state of Mississippi is the center of the college football universe, if only for the underdog angle and the novelty of it all.

As a Mississippian, it's an odd, albeit refreshing feeling to hear so much praise and positive press regarding Mississippi from national news outlets. Typically, when it comes to college football, Ole Miss and Mississippi State are afterthoughts, as in "LSU beat some team from Mississippi whatever who cares onto next week." When it comes to everything else, it's usually "hey, look at these idiots," unless Clarksdale, Oxford, or Ocean Springs find themselves in somebody's travel section. In seeing what we're seeing, I can't help but just feel good for both Rebels and Bulldogs fans. We're both enjoying the same thoughts and feelings right now.

So, knowing that it won't last forever, let's enjoy it while it's here.

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