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[REQUIRED READING: Administrative notes, Community Guidelines, and the HATE WEEK disclaimer.]

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I left Oxford at 9:00 yesterday morning and just arrived to my home in DC a mere 17-and-a-half hours later. In the past 72 hours, I've probably spent a dozen of them sleeping. None of that sleep has come while in an actual bed. Sausage balls, boudin patties, fried chicken, cookies, and foods found under convenience store heat lamps have made up most of my diet. Oh, and the bourbon, that too.

Much of my waking hours, when not spent bloviating with old friends under the Grove's oak canopy, were spent worrying, wringing, writhing, screaming, flailing, wailing, cavorting and maybe even a bit of singing. It was all so magically exhausting in so many ways.

Due to the significant investment of my mental and emotional capacities towards this weekend, my capability to muster strong feelings has been weakened significantly. This means that Texas A&M won't get the full HATE WEEK treatment from me. They can't even get a mild DISLIKE WEEK entry out of me right now. But, as they are our next opponent, and as is the usual tradition around here, let us not forget that...

We are at war with the Aggies. We have always been at war with the Aggies.