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Red Cup Rebellion's SEC Power Poll Ballot after Six Weeks

It still doesn't make any sense.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The problem with a ballot like this is that you can way overthink things. "Well I think so-and-so would beat what's-his-face on a neutral field because so-and-so beat who's-a-what's-it by 17 while what's-his-face only beat them by 10. But, then again, they did give up some garbage time touchdowns, and they weren't really impressive in week two against that AAC team. And even then, they weren't really--"

You see what I mean?

There are clearly a group of teams which are better than others, but arguing who is better than whom in these particular groups is an exercise in futility. There are way too many good arguments for make for so many different teams, which means that there isn't really one good argument by which to work. So if you don't like how I ranked these teams then, well, I don't care. College football is silly and fun, and I'm going to enjoy it how I want. Same goes for this ballot.

  1. Ole Miss Rebels - I wanted to put Auburn here, because I do believe they're more in the conversation for the national title than any other SEC team, but I'm putting Ole Miss because a) I'm biased and b) we previously had Alabama in this spot. If you're a in the top-5ish of our power poll, and you beat the No. 1 team, then you have the right to, for a week, get our first place vote.
  2. Mississippi State Bulldogs - Here for similar but not the same reasons. Beating Texas A&M last week was a nod more impressive than beating LSU, even though neither were upsets.
  3. Auburn Tigers - They probably won't stay this "low" for long.
  4. Alabama Crimson Tide - And, hell maybe neither will these guys. A one-loss Alabama team is still very much in the conversation at this point.
  5. Texas A&M Aggies - This offseason, a lot was made of Texas A&M possibly having an average-to-weak defense this season. That was their undoing against Mississippi State and their in-your-face offense. Against State, the Aggies couldn't bail themselves out on the backs of their offense, something they've grown accustomed to for the past two seasons.
  6. Missouri Tigers - So I'm pretty sure this is the best team in the SEC East, and they lost to Indiana earlier this year. I mean, it happens and all, but I still can't really get my brain around that one.
  7. Kentucky Wildcats? - I have no idea.
  8. Georgia Bulldogs - Todd Gurley can throw! Just imagine what any of the SEC West teams would be with him in the backfield. Good gosh.
  9. Florida Gators - Winning 10-9 in Neyland is so Muschamp, y'all.
  10. Arkansas Razorbacks - Arkansas is definitely going to poop in someone's breakfast cereal this year. I mean that metaphorically, by the way.
  11. LSU Tigers - Here's the thing: LSU is 0-2 in the SEC right now, and they're looking like the SEC West's worst team, but I still can't shake the idea that they're going to do something inexplicable like beat Alabama by 10.
  12. South Carolina Gamecocks - Steve Spurrier's the most visibly upset coach in the conference right now.
  13. Tennessee Volunteers - You could put Tennessee has high as No. 8 or so in this poll, and I wouldn't think "oh well that is just silly."
  14. Vanderbilt Commodores - More like anchor up amirite?