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ESPN's College Gameday is finally in Oxford, so Naturally We're Celebrating with an OPEN THREAD

We're a real football program now!


After years of feeling slighted or left out, Ole Miss and Oxford have finally been paid a visit by ESPN's College Gameday, it's flagship college football program. The Grove stage now features the Gameday desk, with a sea of tents, oaks, and overly enthusiastic Rebel fans serving as a frenzied three-hour backdrop.

The show begins at 8:00 AM Central and lasts until 11:00 AM. We'll be sharing our observations here and via social media. Speaking of which, for live action updates from the day's festivities, follow @SmargleRCR, @Jeff_GraySBN, and @RedCupRebellion. Yes, spoiler alert, that means that Ghost was foolish enough to spend his entire Friday night driving down to Oxford from DC to be here for this Saturday. And, no, he doesn't have a ticket to the game, but that's okay because he loves Ole Miss and Oxford anyway.

So watch, share your observations, and be sure to provide the comments thread and our Twitter feeds with the best screengrabs you get. We're probably going to want to share this to an irrational extent today, so let's make it all easy on everybody.

Happy Gameday, y'all.