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#RCRMailbag Talks Halloween Costumes, Bad Bo, and THROWIN' THE DANG BALL!

Every week, y'all tweet questions to us with the #RCRMailbag hashtag. We answer some of them. Here's what that looks like.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Juco: Justin Bell - the kid from Hook who rolls down the ramp from the pirate ship and knocks all the pirates out of the way.

Ghost: No way bro. Justin Bell is fat Stevie Wonder.


Bo Wallace should just go ahead and dress as Dr. Bo, complete with bloody scrubs and various harvested body parts. Robert Nkemdiche should dress as the monster from Cloverfield (i.e., he should just wear some kind of lizard mask), Cody Prewitt should go as Troy Polamalu, the Moore twins should dress as each other, Paul Jackson should dress like a bottle of Mug Rootbeer and Hugh Freeze doesn't celebrate Halloween because it's sinful, y'all.

Smeargle: Hugh should wear a giant fisherman's get up with fly lures hanging from a floppy hat and all the croots he paid to come here should dress up as different fish with Bo being the little mermaid.

Ghost: For every week of the year, it's a bit overdone to hate Tommy Tuberville. For this week, fuck him and fuck Cincinnati for hiring the bastard.

Smeargle: Every season that Auburn comes to town, I make a pilgrimage to the Abner's on Lamar to pay homage to the framed picture of Bill Clinton and his "I did not have sexual relations..." quote right next to Tubs and the "pine box" quote.

Juco: No.

Ghost: What Juco said, but even then the premise of the question is flawed. I looked at the drive charts from last Saturday, and of Ole Miss' 26 first down opportunities, Ole Miss threw on 11 of them. Most of those were in the first half. Why didn't we throw much in the second half? Because only three of those 11 passes were completed. So people who are saying "THROW THE DANG BALL" are doing so in face of pretty overwhelming evidence that throwing the (dang) ball wasn't working.

Smeargle: If we run the ball on every single first down against Auburn's horrible secondary, I might just rush the field, snatch the ball from Bo and throw it myself. Let the good smeargle/bad smeargle narrative begin.

Juco: In comparison to Houston Nutt and Mike Markuson's lines, definitely. This line isn't going to be undersized though. They really just want to find people who are, you know, good at blocking. There aren't enough of those on campus right now. But yeah, they're not going to intentionally go after small offensive linemen. That just doesn't work against the types of defensive linemen nearly every SEC school features.

Ghost: I don't think we're going to go all Oregon with our offensive line, but I don't think you'll see many guys pushing 360 on future Ole Miss offensive lines.

Ghost: Second, just after Brutus.


Juco: It's up to Hugh Freeze. I think the answer is probably to see if Bo can just light them up. I understand the risk associated with that mindset though. He hasn't done that for weeks, and when he's too self-dependent he does get a little too antsy and throw interceptions. He could certainly produce stats like that against Auburn. The question is simply whether Freeze will deviate from his "let the defense win for us" strategy. I don't have the answer, and I can't say for sure whether it would be a good idea to do so anyway.

Ghost: No. If you hadn't ended the question with "and finally put the haters to bed," I'd have said yes. He could pass for 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns, and people would still talk about him as if he's the only quarterback in the country who has ever thrown an interception.

Smeargle: He really hasn't had a game where the stats just jump out at you so it would take multiple highlight games in a winning effort to shake it off Taylor Swift style.