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Red Cup Radio is Talking Halloween, LSU, Bo Wallace, and Auburn

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The worst show on Rebel Sports Radio is here to get your Halloween weekend started right!

Here are some highlights of this week's episode of Red Cup Radio:

  • Smeargle announcing his going as a slutty bottle of Mug Rootbeer for Halloween.
  • My vulgar description of the Mizzou football program.
  • One Man to Beat chronicling his dealings with surly Auburn fans.
  • And a somewhat legitimate discussion of the Ole Miss football program at this juncture.

So click the link in Rebel Sport Radio's Tweet below to give the show a listen to get your Halloween weekend started off right.

And, if you paid attention to the show, you'll know where smeargle and I will be hanging out this Friday evening. We're not going to force you to listen to the show, as that's probably against the Geneva Convention, so here are the details: Growler, Friday, 5:00ish PM. We'll be drinking pints of beer and entertaining visitors so swing on by!