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Red Cup Radio is Talking Halloween, LSU, Bo Wallace, and Auburn

The worst show on Rebel Sports Radio is here to get your Halloween weekend started right!

Here are some highlights of this week's episode of Red Cup Radio:

  • Smeargle announcing his going as a slutty bottle of Mug Rootbeer for Halloween.
  • My vulgar description of the Mizzou football program.
  • One Man to Beat chronicling his dealings with surly Auburn fans.
  • And a somewhat legitimate discussion of the Ole Miss football program at this juncture.

So click the link in Rebel Sport Radio's Tweet below to give the show a listen to get your Halloween weekend started off right.

And, if you paid attention to the show, you'll know where smeargle and I will be hanging out this Friday evening. We're not going to force you to listen to the show, as that's probably against the Geneva Convention, so here are the details: Growler, Friday, 5:00ish PM. We'll be drinking pints of beer and entertaining visitors so swing on by!