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Thursday Answer: One of Options

On Tuesday, I asked readers to choose one of two questions and answer their selection. I was busy yesterday, so you get to read my answer today.


I chose to answer the more pertinent question, so here goes...

There's something exhilarating about taking a bite of Cookies n' Cream ice cream. I can't totally put my finger on what makes it so good, but I'll try. Be forewarned, you may, by the end of this, have the urge to drive to the grocery store. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it if you're at work, but I'm sure your boss will understand as long as you share.


Ice cream wasn't fluffy and creamy enough, so some genius added cream filling (an aside: no one really agrees on who invented the flavor, but it has been a top-five best-seller since 1983). The result is much more than a sum of its parts. Cookies and Cream ice cream tastes the way a cloud should taste... a cold cloud that's been richly cultivated with milk. Each spoonful's deception is in how light it tastes. Don't look at the nutrition facts. They're not even real. It's light and good for you. Keep eating.


I mean.... there are cookies in it. Inside the ice cream. They provide a texture not common to ice cream with a crunch that is never too frozen. The cookie is the foundation of the dish. It's stability in an unstable world. It's me. It's you.

The cookie/cream combo reminds us of the idyllic childhood none of us had where we came home from school every day and ate cookies and milk to our hearts' content. And then our mom asked us if we knew that there were a bunch more seasons of Saved by the Bell and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we hadn't seen yet.


Even if you don't agree that cookies and cream is the best ice cream flavor in the history of ice cream flavors, surely you can agree that it makes the best milkshake. When you're blending it up, you hear the cookie being dismantled and positioned by God all throughout the glass. Then you drink it through a straw, and you're taking in all the aforementioned fluffiness when all of a sudden... BAM! You've just eaten a cluster of cookie granules, and you can die happy.

Seriously, do it right now. Go buy vanilla ice cream, milk, and oreo cookies. Make the best milkshake you've ever had. Then come thank me.

As for that other question, I guess I'd try to throw it to Laquon Treadwell and Evan Engram out of the slot. Ole Miss has struggled using outside receivers lately, so why not put Laquon in the slot where he consistently dominated last season? Also, don't run very often if the run isn't working. Sometimes it's just not going to work. Throw then.