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#RCRMailbag is Nervous about Alabama, But Hopes to Win the Party Anyway

Y'all asked us questions, we answered them.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Ghost: Stay at home. Order a pizza. If the pizza guy's wearing an Alabama hat (hint: he will be), don't accept it. Tell him to leave. Pour a tall glass of brown liquor. Watch. Get nervous. Have our stomach twist into knots. Agonize over a Rebel loss.

Or, if the Rebels pull it out, then... you should still stay at home. No sense in getting yourself killed out there. Barracade your doors even, because I picture Alabama post a Crimson Tide loss as something akin to a scene from the first season of The Walking Dead.

Smeargle: Be as annoying as you can. There aren't many opportunities to talk trash against Bama as an Ole Miss fan but this is one of them. Be confident and tell them that the good Dr. Bo is showing up for this one and plans to torch them for 500 yards in the air.

WW: Find an Auburn bar? I dunno, I don't even think I'd enjoy gloating in front of Bama fans. Ick.

Smeargle: I mean, the last thing you want to do is start a brawl on national TV with the whole college football world watching. It's just not worth the time and effort, you aren't going to persuade them to stop waving stars-and bars. These sorts things have to ride the course, albeit this is a long course to ride.

Ghost: I think you have to actually say something. I think that silence can, in certain cases, be taken as a tacit endorsement. You can say that "I don't appreciate that flag" or "I think you're hurting Ole Miss by displaying that" or something along those lines. Don't be rude or gruff; be tactful. Make them feel like a jerk.

WW: I hope that Ross Bjork would tackle anyone with a confederate flag before anyone from the Game Day crew got to them.

Smeargle: True, I see him coming in for a short yardage 3rd down and getting the 1st down. Get dem waffles bruh ARF ARF ARF NOM NOM NOM.

Ghost: True. #LigginstoTreadwell just before a double-reverse #TreadwelltoLiggins.

WW: True. I think he gets a red zone series at QB. If it works, we keep running him right at them.

Ghost: Take advantage of the Gameday cameras. Look directly into them and say "see this, America, this is what we SEC football fans have to deal with. And you wonder why we're all a little crazy?"

Smeargle: I'd start with kindly asking them to leave. If they are too drunk to understand that, I do the quick one-two "HEY LOOK, BEAR BRYANT'S RETURNED FROM THE DEAD TO DEFECATE ON OUR WALK OF CHAMPIONS, GO CHECK THAT OUT AND GIVE HIM A BIG ROOOOOOOLLLLL TAAHHHHD!" and hope he leaves.

WW: Get your camera ready and shame his ass on Twitter for our long-distance amusement. Duh.

Smeargle: Not to be a Debbie Downer, but if we lose, I probably won't hang in the Grove too much longer after the game. I will have been in the Grove since 6 am for CGD probably riding on 5 or less hours of sleep. Once the game is over around 7 (because CBS's commercial breaks are terrible), I'll be all tuckered out and ready to chill at the house. If we win...well, party on.

Ghost: Nope. Well, unless it's an absolute beatemdown, then yes. Very much so.