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Ole Misc.: Everybody's Talking about the Ole Miss vs. Alabama Game

I can hardly keep up with it all.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the weight of our upcoming date with No. 1 Alabama finally hit me. I knew it was a big deal to us Rebel fans - we haven't been able to shut up about it - but as my inbox kept getting fuller and fuller with articles, stories and blog entries related to Ole Miss' biggest game in a decade, I realized that this game is a big deal to everyone else who watches college football as well.

There are playoff scenarios, SEC West (so, the SEC) title races, recruiting advantages, and coaches legacies at stake. There's a chance for a re-re-resurrected program to knock off a universally loathed powerhouse. There's the Grove getting its just desserts as a featured college football location on ESPN's College Gameday. There's the fact that this is the biggest SEC Western division game to date in a season which sees the SEC West as being nothing shy of a vicious juggernaut.

It's just a lot for a bloggeur to handle. This game is going to be so stressful, so nerve wracking, and so absolutely spectacular for Ole Miss and Oxford. Worst case scenario, we'll still prove that we've earned the attention.

On with the links!

Don't lett Ross Bjork Down
You get your ass up and you holler like a damn banshee when this team's on defense.

And then there's this interesting tweet...

Bo Wallace isn't that buff, you guys. Stop it.