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Could Austin Golson Give Auburn an Advantage against Ole Miss

The No. 4 Ole Miss Rebels host the No. 3 Auburn Tigers this Saturday.

Reese Dismukes
Reese Dismukes
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Auburn center Reese Dismukes remarked that former Ole Miss Rebel Austin Golson could be giving Auburn a leg-up in preparation for this Saturday's game in Oxford.

Golson, lest we forget, was a part of Ole Miss' top-10 2013 recruiting class as a four star offensive tackle. He saw some time in the 2013 season at right tackle, but transferred this past offseason to Auburn where is is now sitting out a season per NCAA transfer rules. It would make sense, then, that Golson has a solid enough understanding of what Ole Miss does on offense, at least in a very basic sense.

After last season's Tyler Siskey controversy, in which a former Ole Miss assistant was seen using binoculars to, presumably, peek at the Rebel sideline in Tuscaloosa, Ole Miss fans are naturally skeptical of anyone who leaves the Rebel program for another SEC West school in any capacity. Austin Golson, it would seem, has become yet another former Rebel to strategize against Hugh Freeze's offense at the behest of a Yellowhammer State rival.

Austin Golson has become a bit of a heel among Ole Miss fans - just look at how fondly he's spoken of on this little corner of the Internet - but we have to reasonably think that a bench-riding offensive lineman isn't exactly going to be Gus Malzhan's secret weapon this Saturday. Dismukes himself even stated that Golson doesn't give Auburn a "night-and-day" advantage in game prep. One could think that Ryan Aplin, who played under both Hugh Freeze and Gus Malzhan at Arkansas State, briefly joined the Ole Miss staff, then took a position at Auburn as a graduate assistant, could give the Auburn staff an edge. But even that concern is a bit specious when considering that Hugh Freeze changed his offense's signals and playcalls this offseason with that very concern in mind.

So, in short, I wouldn't worry about it. If Ole Miss doesn't win though... well that's all on that damn turncoat Golson.