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[REQUIRED READING: Administrative notes, Community Guidelines, and the HATE WEEK disclaimer.]

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports
Here's my beef with Auburn: there are few fan bases in the Southeastern Conference, or even the country, with a bigger problem with conflating morality with fan loyalties. Alabama, it would seem, with their national titles and NCAA probations and whatnot, is something akin to an evil empire in the Yellowhammer State. Believing that, Auburn fans tend to think of themselves in terms of some counterbalancing "good" yin to the Crimson Tide's "bad" yang.

It's why a lot of them believe that is on a quest to smear the Auburn program. It's why things like "Auburn Family" and "It's a God thing" work themselves into the casual parlance on the Plains. It's why it's not uncommon for Tiger faithful to cry foul during recruiting season, while continuing to display an epic persecution complex regarding scrutiny over Cam Newton's time at Auburn. They, simply by virtue of not being Alabama, are the good guys, so how dare anyone besmirch them and their crusade against, I dunno, houndstooth and fat people, or something.

Basically, I'm saying they're Mississippi State with some national titles.

We are at war with Auburn. We have always been at war with Auburn.