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#RCRMailbag Likes Mississippi's Oldest Brewery, Coaching Styles, Highlight Plays, and Heisman Hopefuls

Every Friday we answer questions tweeted to us with the #RCRMailbag hashtag. This week, we talk about beer, being assaulted by children, and defensive players winning the Heisman Trophy.

Wesley Hitt

Smeargle: Lazy Mag hands down. Local Oxonian tip: best Southern Pecan in Oxford is from the draft at Ajax. I think they infuse it with hints of their meatloaf.

WW: Southern Pecan will always be my favorite ‘oh-my-god-it's-like-molasses-I-can-only-drink-one' beer.

The Ghost of Jay Cutler: Gotta go with the original. Lazy Magnolia or GTFO.

Smeargle: While "style points" aren't as important as they used to be under the BCS system, I still think margin of victory will be a factor when it comes time for the committee to make their decision on the 4 teams that get in. You can't expect the entirety of the committee to have seen enough of the teams in action, so the stat lines and scores will be come into play.

WW: I think we get out "style points" from our schedule, and from our defense. The rest of the country is starting to almost uniformly agree that the Ole Miss defense is the best in the country, and that's what is leading people to pencil us in for the national title game. God, I still get the heeby-jeebies just typing that.

Ghost: Style points don't matter if you're an undefeated SEC team. Nick Saban doesn't do style and he more or less lives in the top-5.

Smeargle: You mean a play that the AD would put up on the jumbotron against LSU? I guess you could say the go ahead FG from last year. I also think it would be hilarious to just show a slow motion replay of Les Miles with the "spike the ball" motion on the sideline. As for just any other Ole Miss big play, I'd have to go with the Dexter McCluster run against TN.

WW: I'd have to say that the most memorable games for Ole Miss highlights (ie, a game that we won, that actually mattered) would be the ‘02 Florida win and the ‘08 Florida win. Matt Grier taking the pick 6 to the house in ‘02, Shay Hodge torching that UF safety with the stupid name, Marcus Temple breaking into the backfield to stuff Tim Tebow... Pretty epic stuff. I'd also mention the drive with the three uncanny, NFL-elite level throws that Jevan Snead threw against LSU in ‘08. They're still jaw-dropping. And of course, we'll have to see to what extent the Senquez Golson INT against Bama stands the test of time, but it seems like one for the ages. Just hate that it had to be reviewed.

Ghost: I'm with Whiskey on the Golson pick. If this team wins the SEC Title and makes it to the playoff, especially if we do it over Alabama, we will look at that play as being the play that catapulted us into this position. Other than that, we've had some damn big plays, but none of them have given us a shot at a championship or - in the case of Cannon - a Heisman.

WW: What, you've never boxed the ears of an unruly urchin child before?

Smeargle: Pull out some books without pictures...that'll scare ‘em off.

Ghost: Call animal control.

Smeargle: Maybe Cody Prewitt and huge maybe Senquez/Mike Hilton. Heisman noms are all about numbers and statistics and those players have the INT and tackle numbers to possibly (but barely) get into the discussion.

WW: It's pretty much Golson or bust, but he'd have to lead the nation in INTs by a comfortable margin. Wouldn't hurt if he scored another TD or two, either. As dominant as Robert Nkemdiche is, you'll have to go back to the last DT that was considered for the Heisman in Ndamukong Suh to get some perspective. Suh played for a not-terribly-relevant Nebraska team, but his impact was obvious to people who weren't even looking at the trenches. He straight up mauled his way through double teams, and finished plays at an unprecedented rate. To pretty much quell the Nkemdiche for Heisman talk, here is a snippet from the Nebraska athletics page re: Suh:

As a senior, Suh led Nebraska in tackles for the second straight season with 85 tackles, the most by a defensive lineman since 1974. He also became the first defensive lineman to lead Nebraska in tackles in consecutive seasons. He also led the team in tackles for loss (24), sacks (12), quarterback hurries (26) and blocked kicks (3). His 24 tackles for loss were second on the Nebraska season list, while his 12 sacks ranked third in school history. Suh's 10 pass breakups were second on the team and led the nation's defensive linemen. He also added his fourth career interception, an NU record for defensive linemen.

That guy didn't win the Heisman. Right or wrong, it's just not a defensive award.

Ghost: Ditto, but if any defensive player is getting it this year, it's probably Washington's Hau'oli Kikaha because he might have something stupid like 20 sacks this year.