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Ole Misc.: Let's Help The CFB Guys Make a Documentary on the Grove

If there's one thing Ole Miss fans love, it's publicity about Ole Miss.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The CFB Guys are just that, a group of guys who have travelled across the United States to take in the pageantry and excitement of college football. Having not attended big football schools themselves, they've tried to best appreciate and capture the thrill of big time Division 1 ball as if they were becoming fans themselves for the first time.

Throughout their travels, they've visited LSU, Tennessee, USC, Auburn, Oregon, and, yes, our dear Ole Miss, a trip which they plan to make again when the Rebs take on the Auburn Tigers on November 1. They want to make a short documentary on their experiences in Oxford and amongst the Rebel faithful in the Grove, but to do so they need to make a little scratch. Check out their video explaining what it is that they want to do and why they're asking for some financial support:

Sounds pretty compelling to me, and I like the idea of them making a deliberate return trip to Oxford to have Ole Miss as the setting of their documentary. I mean, that's the obvious choice anyway, right?

If their work is something that you'd be interested in seeing, then check out their Kickstarter page and chip in if you can. All they're asking for is a buck, and all they need is a few thousand more to reach their goal.

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