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Red Cup Radio has a Terrible Episode to Prepare you for Alabama!

Sorry, y'all.

This week, we pulled out all the stops to talk about the biggest Ole Miss football weekend in a decade scrambled to get Ghost and Smeargle to agree on a time to aimlessly yammer for 45 minutes. We managed to talk about the Rebels' win over the Memphis Tigers, Oxford's inability to handle large crowds, and what the keys to beating the Alabama Crimson Tide are. In typical Red Cup Radio fashion, we also had an equipment malfunction or two.

Clickify the widget at the bottom of the post, or click right here to listen if you're on mobile. You can also click that link on your desktop or laptop if you want to download an MP3 of the episode and destroy your computer forever, if that's your fancy.

And, regarding our show's sponsorship:

No, Mr. Taft. Microsoft won't talk to us anymore.