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Surprise! Ole Miss is tops in our SEC Power Poll Ballot this week!

C'mon, it's not that ridiculous.

Scott Halleran

The state of Mississippi is atop the Southeastern Conference. I can remember a conversation with a Bulldog friend of mine from few years ago, when State was winding up the Croom experiment and Ole Miss was trying to figure out how to deal with Ed Orgeron. In our chat, I remarked that "one day, there will be an Egg Bowl that decides who wins the SEC West. It'll probably be when we're old geezers or something, but it'll be great." Welp, that's where we're headed at this point, and while there are spoilers left on both the Rebels and Bulldogs schedules - hey Arkansas, Auburn, and Alabama! - they remain in the drivers seat for at least another week.

So here's were we've got them and the rest of the SEC in this week's power poll ballot.

  1. Ole Miss Rebels - Yay! Homerism! And while the rest of the country might have Mississippi State ranked higher than the Ole Miss Rebels, it's tough to argue that Ole Miss doesn't have a legitimate claim to that spot. That's what happens when two teams are 6-0 after beating a pair of ranked SEC West opponents. If this bothers you then, well, you care too much about the opinions of bloggers with silly pen names.
  2. Mississippi St. Bulldogs - Mississippi State capitalized on the opportunities that Auburn gave them. Auburn didn't capitalize (as well) on similar opportunities. That's the only argument that needs to be made for which team played better football on Saturday.
  3. Auburn Tigers - On Saturday, I was watching this game with SBN's college football league manager Luke Zimmerman, who opined before the game that Nick Marshall was overrated as a quarterback. He's not a bad player, he would argue, but he's certainly not the world beater that Auburn fans seem to think he is. That became very clear against the Mississippi State defense.
  4. Georgia Bulldogs - So, how'd this team lose to South Carolina again? Because if the Dawgs keep winning, they'll be in the playoff hunt.
  5. Alabama Crimson Tide - Remember how, two weeks ago, everyone was talking about Lane Kiffin's masterminding of a suddenly prolific Alabama offense?
  6. Texas A&M Aggies - When playing a legitimate SEC West defense, Kenny Hill doesn't look "trill" so much as he looks like a freshman quarterback playing in the toughest conference in football.
  7. Arkansas Razorbacks - Hell yes I'm scared of Arkansas this year. They've got a physical defense and an absolutely punishing offensive line. They'll be in every game they play.
  8. LSU Tigers - So Les Miles is a better coach than Will Muschamp. That much we know, but knowing that still doesn't answer anything.
  9. Florida Gators - Will Muschamp gone, y'all.
  10. Kentucky Wildcats - I could have put the Wildcats a bit higher, I suppose.
  11. Missouri Tigers - Maty Mauk's performance against Georgia was the worst that any SEC quarterback has had all season, both in terms of the eye test and statistically.
  12. South Carolina Gamecocks - Here's another reminder that preseason polls are far from scientific: Sakerlina was the No. 9 team in the country two months ago.
  13. Tennessee Volunteers - The Tennessee offensive line is so screwed this Saturday.
  14. Vanderbilt Commodores - Ole Miss shows up to show out. Vanderbilt shows up to make sure they get credit for attendance.