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Ole Miss Rebels at Texas A&M Aggies OPEN THREAD

This is the first major road test of the season for Ole Miss.

Image courtesy of one Juco All American
Image courtesy of one Juco All American

Even after Ole Miss held the Alabama Crimson Tide to just ten offensive points and mounted an impressive fourth quarter comeback en route to a 23-17 victory, a pair of narratives offered by much of the college football punditry regarding the Rebels have continued to subsist. One is in line with the idea that Ole Miss doesn't belong as a part of the national conversation, and that's this idea of this week being a "hangover" or "letdown" moment for the Rebel program. The second is that Bo Wallace is bound to have a "bad Bo" game and screw up a winning opportunity with turnovers.

These ideas ignore two crucial characteristics of this team: Bo Wallace is healthier, stronger, and more accurate than he's ever been, so even when he does throw interceptions he can make up for it in scores; and this team is anxious to get what they feel are their just desserts after losing games in agonizing fashion over the last two seasons in Oxford.

If this team is to compete at a high level and put themselves in position to earn a spot in the college football playoffs, then they're going to have to play a nearly flawless game tonight in College Station. Nobody understands that more than Hugh Freeze, his staff, and his players. They won't be "hungover," they rest on their laurels after beating Alabama, and they won't have an oddly awful game. They won't do anything other than give us a hell of an effort to break the Aggies' hearts in the way that they've broken ours.

No more half measures. Play 60 minutes of football and beat the Aggies.

No. 3 Ole Miss Rebels
No. 14 Texas A&M Aggies

Kyle Field
College Station, Texas
8:00 PM Central