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#RCRMailbag Answers Questions about Trae Elston, Katy Perry, Ross Bjork, and More!

You ask us questions on Twitter using the #RCRMailbag hashtag. We answer them on Fridays.

Joe Murphy

Whiskey Wednesday: Ole Miss' defense has been good enough where teams are starting to be hesitant at the way they attack it. Not much time for deep shots down the field, and they've been able to eat up short passes, too. Elston is a great block-shedder and tackler, which we'll need, but Hilton should fill in fine for a half, and Webster is probably more capable than Hilton with the ball in the air. The only risk is if the offense comes out flat in the first half, and that would spell trouble with or without Elston.

The Ghost of Jay Cutler: It's all about what happens when Kendarius Webster or Cliff Coleman finds themselves lined up across from Ricky Seals-Jones, Speedy Noil, or one of Texas A&M's 845293 blue chip receivers. Hilton's gonna be fine at safety; he's a smart player and a very aggressive tackler. It's his replacements that worry me.

Ghost: If winning the Egg Bowl means winning the SEC West, then it's warranted. Other than that, no.

WW: Not unless we have a win that clinches the division. Alabama is the only team that's had our number to such a degree. That win represented a paradigm shift (we hope), more so than a win over Auburn or MSU would.

Smeargle: I don't think so. Even if we clinch the division, it may warrant a field rush but I don't think it would happen. I'd imagine Cobra security would have clear orders to prevent another field rush as opposed to helping students down from the seats. I could be wrong though, it would be our first trip to Atlanta so they might get called off again.

Smeargle: What a great and tough question. I'm gonna have to say Bjork because, if you are looking at the bigger picture, he has completely changed the way the athletic department operates and communicates. Sure, football has the broadest reach, but would you have ever seen Pete Boone interacting and communicating with the fanbase through all of the various social media that Bjork does?

WW: Freeze. As hard as it is to be a great AD, it's still just a business position. You gladhand, you raise money, you set a vision for the school and pursue it. Bjork's great at it and we should try like hell to keep him. But coaching a successful program like Freeze has so far is like catching lightning in a bottle. Long, successful coaching careers are rare, because the game evolves on several different fronts at once. Freeze appears to be a great recruiter, motivator, and adaptor, and there isn't anyone you could point to that we could have feasibly hired who would have been better at the time.

Ghost: Talk about a Sophie's choice. Damn. While I think both of them are absolutely fantastic for Ole Miss, I've gotta go with Freeze here for many of the reasons Whiskey Wednesday already alluded to. He has proven himself to be a good coach and recruiter, he handles himself well in public and in front of the media, he isn't afraid to go out on a limb or take risks on occasion, and he's a native Mississippian who feels at home in Oxford. We couldn't have done much better with this hire, but oh gosh we could have done so, so much worse.

Smeargle: If we smash A&M byt 30+ points and MSU/AUB barely edge each other out, I could see it happening.

Ghost: I agree with Smeargle, which means that only in a very, very unlikely situation are you going to see the Rebs at No. 2 after this week.

WW: No. I don't think we pass FSU unless they lose or if we stay undefeated through Auburn.

WW: We'd drive to Starkville (STAY WITH ME I'M GOING SOMEWHERE WITH THIS) and go to Dave's Dark Horse Tavern. Then, we'd be all like "ARE YOU READY FOR READY FOR A PERFECT STORM PERFECT STORM" and then we'd burn that mother down. Get it? Dark Horse? Get it?

Smeargle:  Then the asbestos and smoke would give her some lung disease and she would have to quit her singing career, to which I'd reply, "Get up and shake your clanga where your lung was, that's what you get for waking up in Starkvegas."

Ghost: Then I'd probably get lunch at Bouré or something. Maybe Handy Andy.