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This Week's Episode of "The Season" looks at Sorority Rush, Deterrian Shackelford, and the Memphis Game

We really don't deserve to have such a great video team.

Highlights of this episode of The Season include:

  • Sorority rush, because.... uh...
  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr. conning Ken Crain out of Ole Miss equipment and dazzling Hugh Freeze with his "here's my hand, how here's a FIRESUIT" magic trick.
  • Hugh Freeze referring to his tempo offense as "Talladega," much to the delight of one Ivory Tower.
  • A vignette on linebacker Deterrian Shackelford who, damn, is a guy that you can't help but be proud to cheer for. Real talk, y'all, he's a fantastic human being who just so happens to kick ass at football.
  • Cody Prewitt showing off his Landshark Defense wall art.
  • Cody Prewitt calling cheese "unnecessary fat" which has some State fan somewhere absolutely fuming.
  • And a whole bunch of other examples of Cody Prewitt living a life that we're all really jealous of.
  • And the defense kicking the hell out of Memphis.

As with every episode of The Season thus far, it's fantastic, and it's just what you need to get pumped up for this weekend.