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Ole Miss' Newest Recruiting Video is for the Mommas

This video features highlights of some of our favorite players and vignettes on their parents.

"I wanna thank the mommas." - Houston Nutt, National Signing Day 2011

While corny - namely due to the speaker - Coach Nutt made a pretty important point during one of his last National Signing Day press conferences: good recruiters recruit players and their parents. It makes sense to think that, in many cases, you've got to win over the people who influence the player just as much as you've got to win over the player themselves.

Hugh Freeze clearly understands this, and the Rebel video staff have put together this video highlighting some of our favorite Rebels and how their parents feel about Ole Miss and their sons being a part of the university's football program. This video is clearly something that the coaching staff has spread far and wide to ease the concerns parents might have sending their sons off to college.

Highlighted are the parents of Donte Moncrief, Andrew Ritter, Tyler Campbell, D.T. Shackelford, and Emmanuel McCray.