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Ole Miss Early Enrollee Jeremy Liggins Wins Appeal; Eligible Immediately

The Rebels got big news today when the SEC granted the appeal of Jeremy Liggins to play immediately.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

When Liggins announced he would be signing with Ole Miss and enrolling in January, it was an exciting time for Rebel fans. The formerly highly touted quarterback from Lafayette High School who famously spurned the Rebels when he announced on the square that he would be attending LSU had returned home. Liggins didn't have the needed scores to qualify initially and had to enroll in junior college.He only stayed one year before graduating and enrolling at Ole Miss (which he ultimately decided to attend after seeing how things had played out with LSU). There was only one thing left for Liggins. He had to get an appeal to an SEC rule that requires junior college players to be at their junior colleges for three or more semesters in order to enroll. The rule was set up to stop coaches from moving players from one junior college to an easier place simply to get them qualified. It wasn't designed to stop student-athletes who were dedicated enough to graduate in just one year's time. It became apparent that the SEC would likely ultimately grant Liggins' eligibility waiver, and they did that today.

Now comes the question of which position the former Commodore quarterback will play. lists him at 6'5" 295 pounds. He's prooooobably not going to play quarterback with those measurables. I would guess he'll either end up at tight end or defensive end/tackle depending on which unit needs him more and what skills he shows early. Liggins was offered by every SEC school coming out of high school, with many planning to move him to the defensive side of the ball. He has lineman size with a running quarterback's mobility and understanding of the game. Just like every recruit, he could bust. He has potential though to make a huge impact during his time at Ole Miss. Now it's just up to the coaches to figure out where that impact will be made.