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Time-Lapse Video of Rebels in the NFL Hallway Construction at the Manning Center

The updated indoor practice facility features a new look on the Rebels in the NFL.

Patrick Willis, Greg Hardy, Michael Oher, Eli Manning, Dexter McCluster - these are just a few of the SEC household names that have worn the red and blue of Ole Miss before departing for successful careers in the National Football League. For the last few years, the Rebels in the pros, as well as their predecessors, have been recognized in a player's lounge type area of the Manning Center, their names etched on glass below large NFL logos circling the room.

It was kinda-cool, and definitely got the message across, but wasn't nearly as creative as what they've done to honor these Rebels as a part of the indoor practice facility's expansion. Now, the Rebels in the NFL area is more of a hall-of-fame type of environment, with mannequins dressed in NFL gear, each above a plaque with the names of Rebels who have played for that franchise.

For Rebel football players, both current and to-be, this serves as an excellent visual reminder of how ones professional aspirations can be realized at Ole Miss.