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Rebel Roundup -1/20/14

Ghost is out of town, so this duty falls to me. When he gets back, pretend like you missed him.

Anger leads to hate, Marshall. Don't join the dark side.
Anger leads to hate, Marshall. Don't join the dark side.
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall Henderson Named SEC Player of the Week |

Henderson averaged 22 points per game last week, helping the Rebels to important wins over LSU and South Carolina, after missing the first two conference games of the season. Marshall can be frustrating at times, since he always takes shots (regardless of whether they're going in), but he's a scorer. There aren't a lot of players on the team who can generate offense. He's one who can. If the Rebels have any hopes of making the NCAA tournament this year, they can't afford to slip up against any more bad teams and will have to win some games against respected opponents (Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, etc). It's an uphill battle, but it's still possible.

Sammie Epps Has Re-Committed to Ole Miss | Mississippi Press

Early after Epps de-committed from Ole Miss, it became obvious he would end up back at Ole Miss. This is a good development, as the Rebels could really use a capable backup to Evan Engram. Epps looks like a similar flex tight end who is probably a little bigger and maybe even more athletic. He'll get a lot of snaps next season. If you missed his MS/AL All-Star game highlights, you're in luck.

Rivals Analyst Explains Rod Taylor's Drop in Final Rankings | John Talty

Another Ole Miss commitment, Rod Taylor, just dropped out the Rivals top 100 list. Every other recruiting service has him in their top 100, but when it comes down to it, it just really doesn't matter. He drew rave reviews from a lot of people at the Under-Armour practices, and I thought he looked good in the game. He'll either be good, or he won't. The fact that he's not in the Top 100 only matters for class rankings. That said, what the hell, Rivals?