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Red Cup Radio! Southeast Missouri Edition

Where we sorta half-assedly preview the Ole Miss vs. SEMO game because, c'mon.

This week's edition of Red Cup Radio features Juco All-American and yours truly discussing the Rebels' win over Vanderbilt, the upcoming matchup against the Southeast Missouri State Redhawks (this consists largely of me rattling off stats and commenting repeatedly about how they lost to Southeast Louisiana by 30-something points this past weekend - seriously, y'all, this is an almost impossible game to meaningfully preview), why our Pick 'Em contest will be changing in the near future, and how much we like Big Macs.

Seriously, we love 'em. The special sauce is where it's at.

Anyway, give the show a listen using the widget below, and if you haven't already be sure to follow @RebelSportRadio on Twitter, check them out at, and download their app for your Apple or Android device so you can listen to their radio shows for free on demand. And tell your friends to do the same, dammit.