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New Ole Miss Rebels Facility Upgrades Announced

A new basketball arena and an expanded football stadium are on their way to Oxford.

The Forward Together campaign, an ambitious $150M capital campaign for Ole Miss Rebel athletics, has entered it's "building phase" with an announcement today which details plans for a new Rebel basketball arena and an expanded Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Many of the details are in the video announcement (which you should watch... now) but the pertinent information is that there will be:

  • A new basketball arena seating approximately 9,500 people on the site of the current parking lot immediately west of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.
  • A parking garage attached to this arena to, ideally, alleviate many of our gameday parking concerns.
  • An expanded north endzone of Vaught-Hemingway with an updated facade to serve as an appropriate entrance to the stadium.

So far, roughly $95M has been raised. For this construction to proceed as planned, the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation will need another $10M by November 1. So if you've got money, give it, because this is going to very much be worth it: