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Rebel Roundup - September 6, 2013

Here are some Ole Miss news and notes to get your weekend rolling.

Frederick Breedon

Would you like the latest episode of The Season for this Friday afternoon?
Well, you're in luck.

This Week In Schadenfreude: It came from the Championship Subdivision I
Does the misfortune of others entertain you thoroughly? Then this is the weekly SB Nation feature for you! Seriously, if you aren't a regular reader of "This Week in Schadenfreude" then, well, you're wrong.

The Alphabetical, Week 1: The Process never stops |
I like learning new words.

Presyncope - Feeling faint, weak, aka the moment just before passing out, a perfectly respectable feeling for anyone who watched the end of Ole Miss-Vanderbilt. And a totally understandable clinical term for those who participated in it.

SEC Power Poll 2013 Results, Week 1: Scatter | Team Speed Kills
The Rebs are in the middle of the pack, about where you'd expect them.

Spencer Hall has something interesting to say:

Interesting prediction there, Spencer, and definitely not one that's without reason. LSU will be ranked then, and if Ole Miss can pull off an upset somewhere along the lines, the Rebs could be ranked as well. Additionally, that weekend features FSU at Clemson (they've already been to Clemson this season), Stanford and Oregon (something they've covered ad nauseum for years), Notre Dame and USC (neither has collapsed), and probably something else that's less interesting than a trip to the Grove, something which the Gameday people have mentioned several times as being atop their bucket list.

And finally....

Listen to David Kellum and make like Rebel the Bear; pick up your damn garbage, you slobs.