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Rebel Roundup - September 30, 2013

Ole Miss Rebel news and notes sends September out with a bang.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

So we got shut out on national television...
...we're still 3-1 through four games and ranked in the top-25 with plenty of winnable games left on the schedule. I mean, it could be way worse. For instance, we could have Ed Orgeron as our interim head coach.

We also didn't do much yesterday.
Sorry about that. We had plans to record a Red Cup Reacts, but then our social lives, fantasy teams, and Breaking Bad got in the way (if you talk about Breaking Bad in the comments section, please use the spoiler tag). And bourbon. That too. Regardless, we'll be on it this week, rest assured.

No. 24 Rebels Shut Out Auburn With 7-0 Win |
Looks like the soccer team got the HATE AUBURN memo. Good work ladies. Not only did they win in the SEC, and not only did they shut a conference opponent out, but they scored seven goals. That's just silly. We'll definitely be following Rebel soccer as the season goes on, because they're shaping up to be quite competitive.

Ole Miss confronts personal history with Auburn | The Clarion-Ledger
The personal history? Hugh Freeze and Gus Malzhan have, like, known each other for a while, and stuff. Drama, y'all.

Ole Miss gives Marshall Henderson another opportunity | College Basketball News

Explaining Tyler Siskey's role in the Ole Miss-Alabama game | Coaching Search
A lot has been made about Tyler Siskey's presence in the box (with binoculars, no less) during Saturday's game. Siskey, as you may have heard, has worked with Hugh Freeze for several years before he was hired in some sort of administrative role by Nick Saban this past offseason. Conspiracy theorists (probably accurately) speculate that he was watching Ole Miss' formations and playcalls and then somehow relaying them to Alabama's defensive coordinator Kirby Smart.

Nothing's gonna come of this, of course, and Pete Roussel doesn't think it's as big of a deal to begin with:

Having worked for David Cutcliffe for five years at Ole Miss, I was in a similar situation as Siskey in 2006. On that particular day, I was coaching for the University of Memphis and Cutcliffe was back coordinating the offense at Tennessee. I basically told our defensive backs coach at Memphis through the headset the exact play Tennessee was fixing to run at least 50% of the plays in the first half after seeing the formation. To say the least, it didn’t help one darn bit.

Take it for what it's worth. If we did telegraph our plays that well, then it's really our damn fault anyway.