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Rebel Roundup - September 3, 2013

You better not be wearing white shoes/pants right now.

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I Hope You All Had a Good Labor Day
I didn't. Moving sucks. Oh well, Hotty Toddy.

SitRep: SEC Teams' First Week and What It Means for the Future | Team Speed Kills
The Rebels proved doubters like me wrong with the only conference win in the SEC this weekend. An eight-win season is not out of the question at this point, and the win puts Ole Miss in solid standing for at least a bowl berth.

Ole Miss on rise after getting past Vanderbilt; more Thursday Snap Judgments | Campus Union -
The importance of last week's win cannot be stated enough. Ole Miss has lost to Vandy six of the last eight times we've played. Ole Miss has dropped nine straight SEC openers. Ole Miss' last Thursday night road game was an unmitigated disaster that spelled the earliest beginnings of the long, drawn out end of the Houston Nutt regime. To have won that game in the fourth quarter in that fashion was just huge for this program moving forward.

All puking aside, Ole Miss-Vandy stage instant classic | CollegeFootballTalk
Did anybody else feel really bad for Jordan Matthews? I mean, I realize that Vandy can kiss our asses and all, but Jordan Matthews in particular is now one of my favorite players in college football. The fact that he was hit so hard that he puked his guts out twice in front of a sold out crowd and on national television, only to trot back out on the field to convert a huge 4th and 18 play was stunning. Then the pass slipping through his hands into Cody Prewitt's to seal the Vandy defeat was absolutely deflating. Of course I was thrilled, but I was also pretty bummed for Jordan Matthews - who was seen distraught on the sidelines shortly thereafter. His performance last week is one I'll talk about for a while. Man, what a game that was in general. Really happy to have won.

Ole Miss moving along after injuries sideline starters | The Clarion-Ledger
We already have an idea what the offensive line is going to look at post Aaron Morris, as the line played without him for most of the Vandy game. The defense, on the other hand, should shuffle a bit with Denzel Nkemdiche out. Already we know that Dehendret Collins and Mike Hilton will swap their respective corner and huskie spots, and Keith Lewis and Serderius Bryant should get a lot of action at Denzel Nkemdiche's vacant stinger spot.

Ole Miss' Thompson sees fruit from redshirt year | The Clarion-Ledger
The "sees fruit from" part of this headline is kinda corny, and I've been trying to think of a joke for it - something like "what, he spent a year picking berries?!" or something - but that's been to no avail. The point is that Carlos Thompson took a year off last season to put on some weight, and as a noticeably much bigger defensive end (there were moments on Thursday night where I was like "wait, that is Carlos Thompson?"), a move which seemingly has paid off already.

Ole Miss wide receiver Laquon Treadwell named SEC Freshman of Week |
For a while in last Thursday's game, Laquon Treadwell was the Ole Miss offense. He caught nine passes for 94 yards, including a snag in the endzone for a crucial two-point conversion that made the rend result a four-point victory. Overall, he showed why he was as highly regarded as we was, as he demonstrated great hands, good athleticism, and total control of his body. Also, Vanderbilt didn't really figure out how to cover him, with Andre Hal blanketing Donte Moncrief for most of the night, leaving second corners and nickels to cover Treadwell.