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Red Cup Radio Talks Ole Miss vs. Alabama

An hour-ish of us yammering on! And you're going to listen to it!

Scott Halleran

This week's Red Cup Radio (brought to you by Rebel Sports Radio) features yours truly, Juco-All American, and Smeargle (who is terrible - something discussed at length in the episode) trying to best figure out what to make of this weekend's Ole Miss vs. Alabama matchup. We look at last week's results in the SEC, where we think the West is shaking out right now, Alabama's strengths, Alabama's weaknesses, and the way this newfound Rebel excitement has really been altering fan expectations as of late.

It's a decent enough show, and don't act like you've got a better way to spend an hour. So give it a listen by checking out the link below, and be sure to download the RSR app for your Apple or Android device if you haven't already.