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Three Reasons Why Ole Miss Can Beat Alabama

It could happen. Will it, however, is another question altogether.

Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation Studios breaks down the three reasons why our Ole Miss Rebels can beat the Alabama Crimson Tide this Saturday in Tuscaloosa. Jeff Scott, Donte Moncrief, Laquon Treadwell and others get their due credit, and good points are made about Alabama's lackluster offensive performances against Virginia Tech and Colorado State - not to mention their near defensive meltdown against Texas A&M.

That said, Alabama is a very talented team that, under Saban, rarely loses in Tuscaloosa. And while they haven't exactly impressed, neither have we. Our Vanderbilt win looks worse and worse as the weeks go along, and Texas is going through a bit of an identity crisis (even though they did beat Kansas State this past weekend to improve to 1-0 in the Big XII). All of this means that both of these teams' sure things and uncertainties will combine to make for one of the more interesting early SEC matchups this football season.