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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 4

Where does the Southeastern Conference stack up in our eyes?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Alabama - Alabama may not be flawless, but in a league that seems to be way down this year, they're only slightly down.
  2. LSU - Which LSU team shows up in big games? The team that trounced Auburn in the first half, or the team that looked lifeless in the second?
  3. Texas A&M - It would be nice if Mike Evans rolled his ankle just before suiting up to play Ole Miss and then was fully healed the next morning.
  4. Georgia - Meh... North Texas wasn't ever actually in that game. UGA-LSU should be a huge, huge game.
  5. South Carolina - South Carolina should definitely win, but they need to look out for UCF this weekend.
  6. Ole Miss - The real question... if Ole Miss loses to Bama by less than the spread (16), do they move up?
  7. Missouri - What does it say about the rest of the SEC that Missouri's win against Indiana looks really good in comparison to the league?
  8. Florida - This is more of a 7B than an 8. It's tough to place the Gators in this week's ballot. Florida's defense is pocket rockets. Their offense is a 7-2 off suit.
  9. Auburn - Well, it's safe to say Nick Marshall isn't the next Cam Newton. Auburn gets a week off to prepare for Ole Miss. Let's hope it goes poorly.
  10. Mississippi State - Just when it looks like Mississippi State may have figured out what to do offensively, they host LSU. Sorry, Bulldawgs..... NOT! OH I GOT YOU!
  11. Arkansas - I thought Arkansas matched up really well against Rutgers since Rutgers isn't very fast. Then Arkansas averaged 3.0 ypc. Rough, Bret. Rough.
  12. Tennessee - Tennessee quarterbacks combined to go 14/34 with 1 TD and 4 picks. Um... have fun with that stretch of UGA, South Carolina, and Bama.
  13. Vanderbilt - I'm mostly sad because of what this suggests about Ole Miss' week one win. :-(
  14. Kentucky - Keep on Kentuckyin', Kentucky.

Once the final poll is released on Team Speed Kills, we'll link to it here.

As always, let us know where you agree or disagree.